“HR will throw your confidentiality right in the trash.” Deep mistrust of Human Resources reported by staff.

Survey respondents overwhelmingly report mistrust of the Human Resources department of the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Data shown represents opt-in survey respondents who identified as faculty or staff who have interacted with Human Resources at any point in the prior 2 years.

The most common complaints among survey respondents and interviewees are:

Lack of confidentiality and discretion

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"No, definitely not. You can't trust HR here. You tell them something and it turns into gossip somehow. HR will throw your confidentiality right in the trash.”

Lack of fairness and equal treatment

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"HR told me to just 'keep my head down' when I told them a problem I was having. I had the same problem that a lot of other people had about someone on the team. But that person was friends with the HR people and we get in trouble but that person nothing happens to. Been that way forever."

Inaction and slow responses to challenges

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"Most people stopped going to HR, because things just didn't happen to make anything better."