Consecutive Teaching Hospital Directors struggle to fix culture of “gossiping and lying”

In July of 2021, the then-Hospital Director called a meeting with his senior staff to attempt to stem the toxic work environment that was taking over the Teaching Hospital.  Connected with that meeting, he sent his senior staff an email lamenting “behaviors that have created significant tension within our team” and emphasized his expectation that … Read More

“Toxic,” “Retaliation,” “Unfair.” The three most frequently reported words from survey.

83% of self-identified faculty and staff disagree with the statement that “Overall, the workplace culture at CVM is positive,’ according to a recent, anonymous, opt-in survey conducted online from April to August, 2023. The most common words and phrases reported were “toxic” or similar, “retaliation” or similar, and “unfair” or similar. In the same survey, … Read More

University leadership ignored warnings of CVM toxic culture, documents show

Over the course of approximately two years, University leaders – including the Board of Regents, the University President and the Provost overseeing the veterinary college – have been repeatedly warned by staff, faculty, alumni and others of a deteriorating toxic work environment at CVM, according to interviews and a review of direct communications with these … Read More

Over 50 faculty, staff have left CVM in prior 2 years

CVM Independent News has confirmed that more than 50 faculty and staff members have resigned, retired or been terminated in just the last 2 years, representing an unusually high and unmitigated attrition rate compared to both CVM’s previous steady-state as well as compared to other veterinary colleges. As a result, nine core hospital services have … Read More

Dean privately acknowledged “toxic work environment” in meeting with alumni representatives over a year ago

Toward the end of the Summer of 2022, the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine hosted a meeting with several dozen alumni in McElroy.  At the request of the Dean, the alumni had sent questions in advance that the Dean could choose to answer during the session. Those questions focused on workplace culture, recruiting … Read More

Ethics reports submitted to Human Resources but nothing done, according to staff

Oklahoma State University has processes in place to allow employees to “confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of OSU policies,” but more than a dozen current and former CVM staff members shared first-hand experiences which they believe proves that the process is unreliable regarding the College of … Read More