Part One: University faces lawsuits due to wrongful termination, cover up of major issues

Oklahoma State University is facing lawsuits over allegations that Carlos Risco, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, harassed, retaliated against and ultimately terminated a decorated employee in order to chill growing concerns about his leadership, and then successfully solicited the University President, Provost and Board of Regents to enforce his intended message in order … Read More

“Toxic,” “Retaliation,” “Unfair.” The three most frequently reported words from survey.

83% of self-identified faculty and staff disagree with the statement that “Overall, the workplace culture at CVM is positive,’ according to a recent, anonymous, opt-in survey conducted online from April to August, 2023. The most common words and phrases reported were “toxic” or similar, “retaliation” or similar, and “unfair” or similar. In the same survey, … Read More

University leadership ignored warnings of CVM toxic culture, documents show

Over the course of approximately two years, University leaders – including the Board of Regents, the University President and the Provost overseeing the veterinary college – have been repeatedly warned by staff, faculty, alumni and others of a deteriorating toxic work environment at CVM, according to interviews and a review of direct communications with these … Read More

OK Vet Board shields CVM/VMTH from complaints, evidence suggests

Allegations that the Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has been allowing CVM’s Teaching Hospital to avoid repercussions that other Oklahoma veterinarians would likely face in similar circumstances appear to be substantiated, based on a review of recent complaints and discussions with subject matter experts. CVM Independent has confirmed that the OKBVMA dismissed valid … Read More

Dean’s controversial ‘behavioral assessment’ of candidate called “sham” and legal liability

Questions have emerged about the legality, appropriateness, and fairness of a controversial “behavioral assessment” that the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine directed to be conducted on at least one qualified candidate for the position of Director of the Teaching Hospital. Allegations have emerged that this “assessment” was not real, and served as pretext … Read More

Ethics reports submitted to Human Resources but nothing done, according to staff

Oklahoma State University has processes in place to allow employees to “confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of OSU policies,” but more than a dozen current and former CVM staff members shared first-hand experiences which they believe proves that the process is unreliable regarding the College of … Read More