Key Findings

OSU CVM ranked last among developed colleges (27th out of 33 overall)

Dead phone face

Significant increase in student discontent

Reports of toxic, hostile work environment

CVM reputation severely damaged across veterinary industry

Mass exodus of faculty, staff

Dramatic decrease in patient care, student instruction at Teaching Hospital

Poor, deteriorating relationship between CVM leadership & alumni, faculty, staff

Handshake with X

Inability to recruit new faculty, staff

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“People literally cry in their cars before coming on shift. There aren’t many of us left working here. Patient care is below embarrassing. There is definitely a feeling of a war between management and staff. Don’t even try to say anything unless you want to get fired. Working here is the worst.” Read testimonials >

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“Some departments are so toxic and poorly run that other services hesitate to even refer cases to them. I don’t trust my patients with certain departments here. And that’s saying something.” Read testimonials >

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“Alumni have been increasingly concerned for years now. We’ve met with the Dean, the Provost, the President and the Board of Regents. Every performance metric is in steep decline — patient outcomes and standards of care, academic performance, recruitment and staff retention, toxic culture, financial decisions, everything. We are puzzled why the University stands by letting it happen.” Read testimonials >

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“Anyone who speaks up with concerns or ideas is either fired or reprimanded. So now no one speaks up. People are scared to death and things just get worse. No one listens to us.” Read testimonials >

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