Consecutive Teaching Hospital Directors struggle to fix culture of “gossiping and lying”

In July of 2021, the then-Hospital Director called a meeting with his senior staff to attempt to stem the toxic work environment that was taking over the Teaching Hospital.  Connected with that meeting, he sent his senior staff an email lamenting “behaviors that have created significant tension within our team” and emphasized his expectation that … Read More

University leadership ignored warnings of CVM toxic culture, documents show

Over the course of approximately two years, University leaders – including the Board of Regents, the University President and the Provost overseeing the veterinary college – have been repeatedly warned by staff, faculty, alumni and others of a deteriorating toxic work environment at CVM, according to interviews and a review of direct communications with these … Read More

CVM leadership conducting retaliation campaign, causing chilling effect on progress, sources say

More than half of alumni respondents reported feeling disrespected by the leadership of the College of Veterinary medicine, according to an anonymous, opt-in survey conducted online from April to August of 2023 . Additional reports are now emerging of retaliation from College leadership directed at individuals who the Dean perceives to be his opponents. These … Read More

Years after AVMA probation & new Dean, CVM has declined further, review shows

This month marks the 6 year anniversary of CVM being relegated to probationary accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education for, among other things, “major deficiencies” in core standards that all veterinary colleges must uphold.  Next month marks the 6-year anniversary of the appointment of Dr. Carlos Risco as Dean of CVM. … Read More

Donors, alumni report hostility, retaliation from CVM leadership.

Multiple donors to CVM, including some who have donated more than a quarter-million dollars, report being “blacklisted” by CVM leadership. Donor gifts to CVM have faded, according to these donors, as relations with the college have become increasingly strained over the prior five years. In June of 2022, a letter representing 47 concerned alumni was … Read More

Veterinary industry leaders assess CVM leadership: “The lack of any strategic insight is disappointing.”

At the 6-year anniversary of OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine being relegated to probationary accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the appointment of a new Dean, we spoke to a number of prominent veterinary industry leaders to gain an outside perspective on how well OSU’s program is performing. These individuals would only speak … Read More

Survey results, national rankings, mass exodus of staff do not persuade OSU President. “She’s only hearing from one person, apparently.”

Oklahoma State University President Kayce Shrum, a doctor of osteopathic medicine with post-graduate executive training at Harvard and Stanford Universities, has a long and successful career in human hospital system management.  She was selected as OSU’s 19th President due in large part to her success in transforming human health systems. “That’s why we’re so confused … Read More

“You could teach an entire syllabus on how NOT to run an organization.” An interview with an ‘organizations expert’

As instructors and professors finalize their syllabi for the upcoming semester, we had an opportunity to speak with one whose expertise reaches into organizational management and transformation about the College of Veterinary Medicine. It took a bit of negotiation before our interviewee agreed to speak with us, as they had concerns about being fully open … Read More