Deans & faculty of other vet schools rank CVM among worst in America.

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Oklahoma State University was ranked the sixth lowest scored college out of 33 evaluated by veterinary college deans, administrators and faculty, according to the US News and World Report 2023 veterinary school rankings. The survey had a robust 53% response rate, according to the reported methodology.

No major program scored lower than CVM.

OSU's score was not only outside the critical first standard deviation, but fell in the bottom 20% of all schools scored by veterinary academia leaders and faculty across North America. The bottom 20% of ranked schools are small and startup programs, except for CVM.


OSU CVM's score of 2.2 is the 6th lowest score given by deans, administrators and faculty of North American vet schools

OSU CVM's score ranking is in the bottom 20th percentile, outside the first standard deviation and below the vast majority of other vet colleges

The University press office celebrated CVM's bottom placement with a press release entitled "OSU named among the best in US News and World Report’s 2023 Best Grad School rankings" and bizarrely highlighted that CVM "scored just outside the Top 25" in a ranking that had only 33 schools.

"It's embarrassing to celebrate our fall from grace," said a prominent alumn, who recalled that it wasn't that long ago that OSU's vet college was respected as among the best in the country.  "We have been slow to change for a while now, but things have gotten so much worse in the last few years."

One staff member who asked to remain anonymous said, "Dean Risco says crazy things like 'pound for pound we're the best' and we all roll our eyes every time. Does he not know we work here?"